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New method creates microstructured surfaces

1 Aug 2014

Researchers have created a new way of manufacturing microstructured surfaces with novel three-dimensional textures. 

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Your questions answered: geoengineering

25 Jul 2014| By Stephen Harris

Our expert panel discusses the feasibility of using geoengineering techniques to counteract climate change

Christofer Toumazou, Regius professor of biomedical engineering at Imperial College London

Health creators

21 Jul 2014| By Stuart Nathan

The inventors behind some of today’s most exciting medical devices explain how they brought their ideas to market

The Iter tokamak will be the world's largest fusion reactor

Fusion foundations: the civil challenges underpinning Iter

21 Jul 2014| By Stuart Nathan

As construction of Iter begins, Stuart Nathan looks at the fusion reactor’s supporting structures

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The Engineer - most recent commented stories The Engineer IET: Demand for 'oven-ready' engineers fuelling skills gap Many years ago there was a lovely book entitled "How to run a bassoon factory". In it budding industrialists were taken through the various departments in a manufacturing firm and the pit-falls and potentials for trouble were highlighted. In the section on R&D -which every firm was encouraged to have- there was a warning. "If you go down to your R&D section in a factory making bassoons, and ask what they are up to, do not be surprised to find that they are doing research into a new type of fireman's helmet: that happens in research." I think the point is well made. Having young graduates/Engineers who can think around a problem is important. Having their minds broad enough to be regularly outside their 'box' even more so. I take on board the wish that they should have the basics: Prof Carl Lawrence (Textiles Leeds Uni) always said that he wished the teaching at Leeds to create graduates, who not only knew about textiles, but were starting to develop the ability to 'think' like textile persons. Isn't that what those of us who have had the benefit of a life-time in a particular industry have: the ability to 'think' it through and to just 'know' how a particular matter might be resolved? Its rather unfair to expect that of new-comers to any industry. But HR will always still try. To Graham P; hang in there. Yes, too many firms who say 'experience' actually do mean age. Unfortunately many who claim experience (and age!) actually have 6 months experience, repeated 20 times, believing that is ten years experience. If your basic understanding of the principles of our application of Science is good: if you can precis a ten page report into a sentence, if you can give a decent presentation with minimal warning preparation and visual aids, shake hands firmly and with good eye will make it. Good Luck. Thu, 31 Jul 2014 17:18 GMT 31 Jul 2014 5:18 pm 0 Nissan unveils 'world’s first' self-cleaning car how long does it last in the elements and is it sprayed on or put on like wax? Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:39 GMT 31 Jul 2014 4:39 pm 0 Look, no hands? My concern is how such a system will interact with pedestrians: how will it cope with people waiting to cross at pedestrian crossings? Also there are many situations where drivers are 'polite' and give way to others in restricted situations: will this be able to be programmed in? Thu, 31 Jul 2014 15:56 GMT 31 Jul 2014 3:56 pm Bob James 16306 0 HMS Queen Elizabeth makes successful transition to water @Mike B and Anonymus. 1) I am glad the QE and PoW are progressing well. They will without doubt take their place on the world stage and despite the naysayers will eventually prove worth the money spent, even if they never launch an aircraft on a combat mission. Most of the RN ships are equiped to help with evacuation and relief missions and even if they only ever act as deterence they will have worked. In fact this is arguably the instance when they will have proven their most effective. 2) At present there are no options to what fixed wing aircraft can be operated from the decks of these two ships. In the past (prior to the 1980's) all aircraft carriers operated by the RN have had an option of several aircraft that can be operated from the deck (Or even specifically designed to meet the spec of the ship). The Previous Ark Royal , Eagle Hermes and Ocean operated, Phantoms, Buccaneers Sea vixens and Sea venoms and various other Marques. All be it that they required refitting to take new aircraft. They were also expected to operate other aircraft that in some cases never entered service, because they were canceled prior to production. In the 1980's the light carriers operated aircraft which were already in sevice when the ships were built, The Harrier and Sea Harrier had already been in service for 10 years before the Invincible hit the water. In the case of QE and PoW this option does not currently exist. The Ship has been designed to operate the aircraft, not the other way around, at present there is no plan B there is no alternative, since the US are not going to sell us back the Harriers we sold to them for spares, and to be honest neither are the Spanish or the Indians who also own a few there is literally no fixed wing alternative to the Lightning II which as yet is not proven in the type that is absolutely required to operate from QE or PoW and is even in the land based version in serious development difficulties, (Did I see one fly at Farnborough last Month?). For less than the cost that the MoD spent on the review of the designs of PoW and QE to fit a steam catapult they could at least begin studies on the, for want of a better word, "Harrier II", which might not be a 5th gen Fighter but will at least give an alternative aircraft if the LII Maritime version proves beyond the ken of man. And at least in 4 years time if the project is cancelled by a third party, ie the US govt. We are not left with the two largest Helicopter carriers in the world. 3) Mike B I agree that Supermarine, Hawker, Vickers, Avro and Shorts. Developed the aircraft of WWII, I would contend that in each case they did so on an Air Ministry Specification (from HM Govt) and on the basis of a development contract from same. No one, not even in the 1930's could afford to design a combat aircraft from scratch with no potential final customer in place. And there is abosolutely no way that the MoD is going to let me or Dassault or even Babcock approach BAe with an alternative design of Launcher without being involved, are they? Thu, 31 Jul 2014 14:23 GMT 31 Jul 2014 2:23 pm 0 Poll: Discouraging diesel The thing I have noticed back in the eighties when they expanded Birmingham airport and changed the routes of the aircraft flying over the north part of the city. Since then more people especially children are suffering from asthma and other lung related diseases Wed, 30 Jul 2014 21:34 GMT 30 Jul 2014 9:34 pm 0 Third of gay engineers hide sexuality from colleagues I didn't say anything at my old company in order not to endanger my career prospects, because the management preferred married managers. Since the chest pain and the ambulance I said good bye to any career. Here in England I told everyone who asked me whether I was married or had children up front about my partner and what he is doing and where he is working, etc. And finally I found a great job at a great company. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:36 GMT 30 Jul 2014 12:36 pm 0 Could engineers help improve the NHS? Like so many nationalised industries that were pawns of the political system the NHS is one of the last. The question is really "does de-nationalisation really mean privitisation and is the only alternative?" One thing for certain is that de-nationalised industries have evolved (those that have survived) into efficient and effective businesses. The NHS is but one of the country's public services that needs an independent management that isn't a job for life, isn't overmanned and isn't highly overpaid. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 11:41 GMT 30 Jul 2014 11:41 am 0 Launching the Queen of the Navy Hurrah, at last someone has noticed that these vast vessels, like all capital? ships are vulnerable to attack when isolated. I have a particular interest in this. The father of one of my friends from the Royal Masonic School (only entry exam...that one's father had been a freemason and was dead) died in WWII trying to take-off from the sloping (sloping because it was about to sink) deck of HMS Glorious whilst it was being attacked by the Scharnhorst. Glorious was on its way back from the disastrous campaign in Norway. Why was Glorious hurrying back to the UK undefended? Because its senior officer wished to institute a Court Martial against the senior RAF officer who had refused to fly some mission, knowing that the campaign was already lost. Nice piece of inter-service rivalry! Amazingly, (it transpired much later) that an ULTRA intercept had learnt of the Scharnhorst's departure and likely route, but the junior cypher officer [later Sir Harry Hinsley] who passed on this info to the Admiralty was told to mind his own business. Ignorance and arrogance? Criminal negligence! Wed, 30 Jul 2014 11:23 GMT 30 Jul 2014 11:23 am 0 Last week's poll: new surge for tidal energy? We are still waiting for the huge potential for power generation from the Bristol Channel, the worlds second largest tidal range and free source of power to the country. I am sure I.K. Brunnel would have jumped at the opportunity to build it. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:36 GMT 30 Jul 2014 10:36 am 0 Last Week's Poll: Russia and the UK's energy security It's an early warning to Europe to show them just have how vulnerable they are and how little control have over their futures. It amounts to a loss of freedom without a shot being fired. Wed, 30 Jul 2014 02:38 GMT 30 Jul 2014 2:38 am 1

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28 Jul 2014| By Jason Ford

In the centenary year of the 20th Century’s devastating conflict, the spotlight falls on how British engineers supported the military effort while themselves making great sacrifices.

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Driverless cars promise to make motoring safer

Look, no hands?

30 Jul 2014| By Stuart Nathan

There are still many issues to be resolved before autonomous vehicles can be allowed on Britain’s roads. Here are just a few of them.

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18 Jul 2014

Part-time postgraduate study offers a way to upskill the engineering workforce but unviversities need to persuade businesses of the direct benefits of investment.

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